Adobe Creative Jam 2017

Adobe Creative Jam 2017 SF


In June 2017, I participated in the UX category of the Adobe Creative Jam SF 2017, held at Galvanize on 44 Tacoma St. Entering solo (as opposed to a team of 2 or more), the task was a 3-hour design charrette showdown in any of these categories: UX design, motion design, and visual design. The theme given at the start of the clock was 'Decorate! Decorate!'. As Adobe was a sponsor, I wanted to find a way to integrate the mobile Creative Cloud tools with a technically and commercially viable prototype. I knew that is was possible to search by color on Google Images, but what about the Ikea catalog? As it turns out Ikea's online product catalog has some basic color search functionality already built in. Now, what if you could be your own interior decorator, and use the tools designers use such as triad and complimentary color schemes to search for and directly purchase items that complement your existing furniture and decor? This functionality could even be expanded to Ikea's VR experience. The clickable prototype was created entirely in Adobe XD as required by the competition's rules for the UX category, with additional assets made in Adobe Illustrator CC and Adobe Photoshop CC.

I start the demo with a photo of the interior space that we were actually in in the event, in an interface created to resemble the Adobe Capture app. Once I select the main colors in the room, I explore different rules by which to modify the color scheme. Finally, I search for and purchase a product in Ikea's catalog matching this color scheme, confident in how it will appear in my home.

While the prototype was not the judge's choice that evening, the prototype was overwhelmingly voted for by the audience, winning People's Choice for the category. I believe this demonstrates high adoption potential for integration into Ikea's (or a competitor's) existing customer experience.