Additional Work



Additional Works

Older portfolio of UX/UI projects, graphic design, illustration, and photography. Essentially an archive of most of my work from 2012-present.

This links directly to the author page featuring my work on The American Classic. TAC was a blog dedicated to mostly American-made goods with a high degree of craft and craftsmanship. My posts were mostly photojournalistic, and began the tradition of custom-designed mastheads for each post. I scouted and organized content for the blog, featuring interviews with Portable's Andrew Apostola and Little Baby's Ice Cream, and helped launch new ventures such as The Doughboy Watch Co. I submitted content to and consulted on this publication for two years from about 2012-2014.

Lifestyle, event, and portrait photography circa 2013-2014.

Mostly event photographs at small Philadelphia venues, most notable Chris' Jazz Cafe. Circa 2010-2012