Philadelphia Artist Directory

Philadelphia Artist Directory

The Philly Artist Directory was conceived by the desire for an easy way to facilitate a connection between working artists, designers, and craftsmen, and the individuals and businesses that want to commission/buy locally-created items.

The project was jumpstarted in March 2015 over the course of a 24-hour design sprint between noon of March 13, 2015, and noon the following day. Live-blogged during the process, the documentation will serve to keep the design process as transparent as possible; not only for my own portfolio to demonstrate iterative design process, but to create a better platform by explicitly discussing the progression and difficulties in design and development.

Starting with a blank HTML page, a blank Tumblr blog, and a few basic notes, I first started making a mockup in Keynote of a landing page, to get some kind of public-facing site wherein I could direct any visitors to the blog, and also establish the code base as soon as possible. I then began to outline the user flow and mockup the most important interface elements first, creating a blog entry at each milestone. An unexpected perk to this method, blogging about the process gave me a chance to immediately reflect on the work I had been doing, as if I was describing it to a client or coworker. Each post helped inform the direction I should take, shaping the project organically as it progressed. I also established the minimum viable brand as it applied to the available communication channels. Around the 24-hour mark, I printed out all of the high-fidelity wireframes I had mocked up, and self-critiqued them with a red pen to help establish a task list for the next iteration of the design.

I encourage you to follow me at phillyartistdirectory.tumblr.com, and keep up to date with the site as it progresses. If you are an artist, designer, or developer in Philadelphia and are interested in working on an aspect of the project, I would love to hear from you.